Carmen 79 –

With its neat pun on the cognomen Pulcher ("pretty"), this squib is one of our
most compelling pieces of evidence for identifying Lesbia as Clodia Metelli. Clodia's
brother, Publius Clodius Pulcher, reportedly engaged in an incestuous relationship
with her (1-2) from an early age (Cic. Pro Cael. 32, 36, 78; Pluto CiC.29.3;
other references in Godwin 1999, 194; detailed discussion in Tatum 1993, 3Iff.;
cf. Skinner 2003,81-82). The point of this particular pretty boy's unkissabilityrelatives
and close friends being often so greeted-is, of course, the implication
of his addiction to oral sex.

1   nulli = nemini



Romeinse kalender